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My dear friend Alex told me I should mention what kind of gear I'm using for my Youtube videos.
So, here it goes for the fetishist shit list; I'll go in detail through all the gear I'm using in the videos, and then for prototyping/designing/testing my pedals.

For the videos:


Unless mentioned, the picture above shows my recording set-up for Youtube videos. That means: An Ibanez J-Custom, the pedal, a Koch Studiotone, and a TC Impact twin. Then it goes into my DAW where absolutely nothing is done apart from gain settings. You should notice there's no microphone involved: because I've got neighbors, you know... So I'm using the Studiotone's red box recording output. The red box is a passive analogue microphone and speaker simulator. But it's also a load box, so I can put a fair amount of volume, cut the amp's speaker and record at low volume. I use to have a red bean shaped device who could have done the same, but I like the red box way better... Oh and the amp set-up is clean channel, flat Eq.

During pedal design:

  • My main guitar is an Ibanez Jcustom RG8420ZD. I've loaded it with a Dmz Drop Sonic on bridge and an Air Norton on neck. I wired the pickup selector to get single coils in position 2 (bridge pickup in single coil) and 4 (Neck pickup in single coil, and this is the coil the nearest to the neck!)
  • For 7 strings, the guitar is an Ibanez Universe, which I'm not particularly fancy of. It's loaded with a Dmz Crunch Lab on bridge, stock middle pickup and an Air Norton on the neck. I've wired it with a push pull pot so that I could get THAT MUCH switching options (but with north coil everywhere...)
  • For vintage tests, I have an Epiphone Nick Valensi, loaded with a SD Seth Lover on neck, and a Gibson 57 PAF on bridge. This is my jazz guitar and it's a really cool guitar.
  • When the J-Custom is too far out of reach, I also use a Ibanez SZ1220 loaded with a Dmz Air Zone in neck and a Crunch lab in bridge. It goes with a push pull pot for single coil tapping. It's great but since the Epiphone is here I use it less. It's going to be replaced by a almost home-made Tele with Alnico II pickups, for even more vintage gear testing.
  • The bass is, unfortunately, a Cort Curbow with 4 old strings.
  • There's the Koch Studiotone shown above. It's my rehearsal and small concerts venues amp.
  • And there's a fabulous Bogner Shiva 20th anniversary, plugged into a 2x12" orange cab. That's my main test amp. My neighbors love it!
  • I don't own any bass amp. Either I plug my bass into the Bogner, either direct in the sound card, either in the studiotone. When I'm bored of it, I bring my prototype to Max, he's got a 5 strings active Yamaha, and another 5 string passive Lakland which he plugs into a Gallien-Krueger amp and an Ampeg 4x10".
  • A noname 1 Ampere variable voltage (3/4.5/6/7.5/9/12V) power supply (Not a switching power supply, I mean, the old school heavy ones!).
  • A Flatliner pro from Burkey
  • Various reverb, delay, distortions, fuzz, filter pedals, some are clones, some are not of my making (like this cool one)...
  • 9-46 strings gauge on all guitars. And a 60 gauge for the B string.
  • I make my own cables with high quality, low capacitance wire and Neutrik jacks.

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