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Resonant filter, wha wha, envelope filter,
laser gun and more...

The love philter has that "baby shake your booty" sound that will make any funky groovy style guy fall in love with it. The love philter is not only an auto-wha, or enveloppe filter, but also a wha-wha, an ahw-ahw, an auto-ahw, a fixed low pass or high pass resonant filter and maybe some kind of 2 stages phaser...

It is designed to have from none to too much resonnance (Aka Q parameter). Meaning for low Q values a standard low or high pass filter, and for high Q values almost a frequency generator- ray guns are not that far!

It can be used on bass, guitars, or anything else, but you should know that the CV input makes it fun with analog synths or Moogerfoogers friendly.

This pedal has been designed to work with 10kOhm pots expression pedals. Please check This list for compliant pedals.

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