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Sales price 180,00 €
Transistors's type:

Two fuzzes in one.
With Germanium inside.

I made a mistake while designing the zorgverdrive first prototype which resulted in the Germanium clipping mode producing velcro like sounds. A friend of mine liked this sound very much, but I made a few updates and that sound was no longer available. Owning a Fuzz factory I knew that sound was easily obtained from a classic fuzz. So I first build a tonebender clone with germanium transistors and added a glue setting. But I changed the way the gain knob worked so that at low level you can get almost clean sounds, very particular clean sounds though...

Then my friend asked me "What if you could also get an octavia sound?" (Yeah that Jimy Hendrix Fuzz...). And so I cooked my own octavia stage.

So in short: this pedal can produce classic fuzz tones, from almost clean to heavily fuzzy, from standard to velcro, from velcro to octavia ring mod destruction. But it's dirty, always! Unless on classic fuzz tone the pedal can get pretty smooth when dialing in the Treble knob...

This pedals is magic for bass players: great amount of bass frequencies, good precision, nice grit, but must of all: it has tons of bass synths sounds!

The Glue fuzz is available as full germanium (sweet distortion, with smooth trebles, not far from tubes and on the vintage side) or hybrid Silicon+Germanium (thick, modern, nasty fuzz with more aggressive trebles). Look at the end of the video below for a short comparison.

Listen to a Zorg Effects distortions pedals comparison here.

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