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> UK customers : Be aware that since brexit UK customs will charge you around £49 to import a Blow! with full options.



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Zorg exhibiting in Toulouse, in September:

I'll be exhibiting my pedals at the Salon International de la guitare the 16th and 17th of September 2023!!!

HornFx Blow!

This Blow! was built in collaboration with Horn-Fx for north America exclusively. It's available only on HornFx's website.

It features a few enhancements from the original Blow!:
- An output volume knob.
- An external switch to power the phantom supply on or off.
- An internal setting of the footswitch function: bypass/mute.

> Buy on HornFx!

New video: four preset of the Love Philter:

New video: six preset of the Zorgtaver:

Blow! version2!

Since september 2019, I'm shipping version 2 of the Blow! . The electronics hasn't been modified, but this version still has two changes:
- A new bigger, better pad switch.
- The phantom power switch is now inside the pedal. It seems many users of the Blow! were afraid to break the tiny one on the side of the enclosure of the V1. So now to turn on or off the phantom power, you'll need to unscrew the back plate... (See user's manual)


Zorg exhibiting in Paris, in March:

Salon de la belle guitare 2019

What's new in 2019?

Bonne Année!!!

I wish to address the entire great Zorgian nation and wish you all the best for 2019. With a big thank you to all for your support over the past year.

For the upcoming years will have its lot of novelties for Zorg Effects, a non-exhaustive list of them will now be exposed to you in the paragraphs below.

As you can see in the image attached to this post, a new Glue Fuzz with a pair of silicon transistors is nearly here. It should gradually replace the Germanium and Hybrid Glue Fuzzes. Germanium Transistors have become too expensive, and have always been not filthy enough for my taste... If you like Germanium, I only have 2 Glue Fuzz left in full germanium and a good dozen in hybrid. Then I will have a few pcbs that I will be sell for a few bucks.

It's possible that a final version of the blow! Blow!! Blow!!! for two microphones make an appearance on your screens within a few months.

Also, an update of the Blow!, especially for the version with fantom power should see the day. Spoiler: the small power on switch of the fantom will be replaced by DIP switches in the pedal. But bad news: end of January the Blow! prices should increase (but good news: it's the only pedal that sees its price change! ).

I'm going to interview friends and produce some videos in the same format as the one with Kevin: https://youtu.be/GKeyhK_-KBc

And finally, in 2019 I will take more repairs... (see below)

I wish you good mopeds, cherries, mountain streams and tax form filling!!!

Service and repair.

Docteur Zorg

In 2019 I'll do a little more repairs. Don't hesitate to contact me if you've broken stuff. I'm also always eager to mod pedals or build you custom devices.
These are my conditions:

- It's best to contact by mail to zorg.effects -at- free.fr Facebook messaging makes me want to eat strawberry cod and I already have enough headaches like this.

- For small repairs of a few minutes (changing a switch or resolder a cable), I make a small fee of 20€ of labour plus replacement part price. Otherwise I cost 30 € per hour, plus the price of replacement parts.

- I don't fix power sections of power tube amplifiers greater than 20 watts, neither hifi or PA amplifiers exceeding 120 watts. So if it's a pot, a hp or a switch to change I can do it.

- sometimes i don't have the parts to fix your devices. Ordering and receiving them can take between 24h and 3 weeks depending on the part.

- obviously I'm able to find your solution to all your difficulties: Love, marital loyalty, meeting and marriage, sexual impotence, luck, work, exorcism...

Premier Guitar hits quickly the Small Basstar!

There's a quick hit of the Small Basstar in Premier Guitar!!! It should be published in the February paper print:

What's to do with a Glorious Basstar. Interview with Kevin Balzan.

So I took my camera, a few mics and my soundcard and went to interview Kevin Balzan. Here's a small glimpse of what he does with a Glorious Basstar in his pedal board! (Beware, french speaking video)

Kevin plays in: La marmaille, Acropolis Bye Bye, Chouf.

The Glorious Basstar V2 is available!

Gearphoria reviews the Small Basstar!

There's a Small Basstar review is this September issue of Gearphoria!!!

Zorg Effects is also on Reverb and Instagram...

Shop My Store on Reverb                            

The Small Basstar is now available!!!

The Blow! is now available!!!

The Blow! is a preamp for static or condenser mics with a jack effect loop for guitar effects pedals. If you're a singer, saxophone player, trombone or trumpet player, etc. the Blow! will allow you to experiment with guitar pedals without loss in your sound quality.

Click here for more...


Latest reviews:


An award for the Jour de FET!

Overdrive family think that the Jour de FET distortion is one of the best distortion pedal of 2017. It's true, see, it's written here.


If you speak and read french, Guitariste.com just released an interview of Zorg Effects. You can read it here: http://www.guitariste.com/interviews/pleins-feux-sur-zorg-effects,4857,1.html

Also a few time ago I had a long interview made by Pierre of La Chaine Guitare (the Guitar Channel): https://lachaineguitare.com/2017/07/interview-gabriel-denneulin-pedales-zorg-effects/